Welcome to The Orchard Montessori School

orchardruncrop375 Dovercourt Road

Toronto ON M6J3E5


T 416 534 7979

We offer a bilingual casa program with arts and science extensions in bright, airy classrooms. Our Lower and Upper Elementary program thrives on Montessori’s theories of a cosmic education with a strong focus on the natural sciences. We are thrilled to announce The Orchard Lyceum, our grade 6/7/8 program, opening September 2019.

We also offer an after school program to our students and those from local public schools. Students can choose from an array of classes including art, kung fu, science, Orff, French, limon dance, yoga, tennis, makerstudio and multisport.

Please call 416 534 7979 or email info@theorchardmontessori.com to make an appointment or schedule an observation.

“Learning to live in peace is an ongoing process of education.” Maria Montessori