2019-2020 After School Programs

The Orchard offers enriched after school programming for children aged 3-9 years of age. Registration is complete once payment or monthly postdated cheques are received. Orchard reserves the right to place children according to suitability to programming.

All after school programs include a healthy snack. Pick up is by 5.30, after which late fees apply of $5 for the first five minutes and $5 for each minute thereafter.Please note that fees are due at the time of registration or by monthly pro-rated payment plan arrangement. We will not accept a registration if fees or late fees are outstanding. Classes begin on Wednesday September 5th and finish on Thursday June 13th.

The schedule of class is as follows (please see descriptions below):

Childminding/Afterschool Art Club Anouk will lead our youngest children aged 3-6 years in group play, art explorations and stories. Monday-Friday.

Yoga with Emily Young children aged 4-6 years will be guided in yoga and visualization exercises to help them wind down and relax at the end of the day. Mondays 4-6 years.

Kung Fu with Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute – Rose will guide the children through postures and exercises as they begin to both inner and outer strength. Shaolin Kung Fu practice is non-competitive and philosophically anchored by the six virtues of Respect, Focus, Leadership, Strive, Perseverance and Compassion which we feel are in harmony with Montessori. We are offering two aged time slots again this year: Wednesdays for 6-9 and Fridays for 3-6 years.

Tennis/Ball Sport Children are taught the fundamental skills by way of Le Petit Tennis Curriculum which is a progressive teaching method using child-adapted equipment to learn the ten steps to rallying following a story called The Extraordinary Voyages. This approach is a great starting point to build a love of sport and to help build solid fundamentals. We are offering two time slots for two different age groups this year: Tuesdays for 6-9 and Thursdays for 4-6.

Orff with Raphael Raphael teaches music based on the approaches of Orff and Kodaly to children aged 4-6. Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly were 20’th century European composers and pedagogs who developed intuitive and improvisational systems for teaching children music that incorporates developmentally appropriate singing games, instrumental activities, movement and drama.

Limon Dance Classes with Emily Limon focuses on developing a movement vocabulary based on the body’s natural shapes and states. Release and recovery, gravity, swings, bounces, connection to the earth and isolation of key body parts are some of the ways body awareness is deepened. Limon is focused on the individual developing a holistic expressive mind/body approach to dance that empowers them while cultivating community in the studio. Improvisation, creative play and musicality are also part of the foundation the technique is built upon. This limited enrolment class is geared for children aged 6-9 years.

Art and Maker Studio with Andrew This is a limited enrollment, collaborative project based class.  Andrew will guide the children in animation, screen printing, drawing, and collage. Wednesdays 7-10 years

Board Game Club On Fridays, we will take it easy and play some board games. Fridays 6-10 years.

After-School 2019-2020 Registration