Summer Camp 2018

Camp Earthnik

Ages 3-6 years

Week 1: July 3-6 $280

Week 2: July 9-13 $320

Week 3: July 16-20 $320

Week 4: July 23-27 $320

An Earthnik is a young person who, though small in stature, possesses a vast interest in the natural world.

The mission for the Earthniks this summer will be to examine up close the cycles of nature and the web of life that we are all a part of. We hope to  gain an impression of how all living things are connected and how we are each only a small but important part of the world. Earthniks will come to appreciate the sensitivity of that web of life and what a big impact how we treat the living things in it can have.

We will look up close at the soil, water, air and sun cycles and how these work together to create the natural rhythms of the earth, providing the basis for life to exist on our planet. Throughout the four weeks, we will also look at the six kingdoms of life and how they relate to each other in terms of food chains and the larger web of life. Our examinations will take many different forms: scientific exploration, art, drama, storytelling, movement and dance.

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