July 8-12 Art Studio Special Session: Fantasy Character Design

We are delighted to welcome Thessa van der Kuyp to Orchard for a week-long course in fantasy character development. Thessa will teach the basics of studio practice and set up and give formal lessons in gestural drawing, contour drawing, figure drawing, fabric wraps, character development, life drawing (using clothed models), proportioning, light effect and shading. The aim is to provide support in classical techniques that can then be applied to developing characters for D&D or other role playing games, comic figures or newly-minuted fiction hero/ines. In the final day, they will draft their characters and create a final illustrated design. We will spend each morning in the studio with life drawing models. In the afternoons, we will visit the portrait room at the AGO, welcome a theatrical costume designer and have a special guest come in to do a role-playing exercise with us.

Fees are $350 inclusive of materials.

2 spaces remain. Contact holly@theorchardmontessori.com for details

About our Visiting Artist/Instructor: Thessa has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Fine Art from London, UK where she also co-curated exhibitions and taught visual art. She co-developed and taught a visual art programme at Orchard before relocating to Montreal with her family. We are delighted that she is returning this summer for a guest appearance!