Nourishing the Child

At the Orchard, we believe in nourishing all aspects of the child. Our bilingual Montessori curriculum inspires children to construct knowledge and acquire skills but moreover, we believe a calm, enriched environment will allow them to develop character and good judgement as well as foster an appreciation for the world around them.

Our lunch program follows this philosophy. Older children act as heads of house for their younger peers and lunch is served in a cafe style setting in the gym. Younger children are helped to serve themselves and to get dressed to go outside by their older peers. As they gain independence, their older peer begins to hand down more responsibility to them with a direct goal of fostering independence for the smaller child and mentorship in the elder.

The kitchen at West End Parents, with whom we share the building, caters our lunches and snacks. Much care and attention is put into the menu and the preparation of the food, all of which is made from scratch using quality ingredients including organic meat and dairy. A vegetarian option is always available and lunches are served with milk. Costs are included in the fees. Here is the menu for this week: