The Year is Dismissed

Have a safe and happy summer. We look forward to hearing of your adventures in September.

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All Set


Tomorrow we honour our 18 graduating children and dismiss the wonderful year that it was. Bring your voices and guitars to join us in a group sing of Imagine. See you at 10am.



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We hope you will join us….

Please bring your guitars and your voices to honour our graduates, dismiss the year and join in a group sing of Imagine led by Nick Arseneau. This Friday in the gym at 10 am.



invite you to join us for an end of year celebration and group sing of Imagine

06 15 2018

at 10 o’clock in the morning

in the school gym





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Art Happening and Ghana Fundraiser

Last night The Orchard community gathered in the gym to see the results of the childrens’ hard work and inspiration in the arts. We saw three French drama plays, two limon dances (including one improv which was outstanding), musical demonstrations in ukulele, rhythm and voice, botany and anatomy portfolios and portraiture collage. We also raised a tonne of money for Montessori materials to send to Ghana this summer. Big love to the artists, the bakers and the audience.







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Arthur Guilty!

The children held a mock trial this morning under the guidance of Defence Lawyer Chris Murphy. The case against Arthur of Logres hinged on the ideas of ownership and intent. Five witnesses were called but much of the weight of the testimony hung on the reputation of the Archbishop, who claimed that the sword appeared in the stone in the churchyard as a divine miracle and hence was property of the church. The defence rebutted that the sword was Arthur’s birthright. Arthur maintained that he intended to return the sword, he’d just borrowed it to help out his brother who’d lost his. The Judge felt there was enough evidence to pronounce Arthur’s guilt but when he consulted community members on an appropriate sentence, the sentence was discharged and Arthur was freed.

Chris then led the children in a rousing discussion about the nature of intent. They learned a lot and had even more fun!

Top left: Chris Murphy stands in for a witness who is late for school.

Top right: The witnesses wait to be called.

Bottom left: The Defence and the Crown prepare to do battle.

Bottom right: The judge confers with community stakeholders on the sentence.

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Ghana Fundraiser and Art Happening June 7th at 4.15

Join us in the gym for music, French drama, and limon presentations and an exhibition of elementary artwork in botany, anatomy, portraiture and animation. Start time is 4.15 on Thursday, June 7th. Afterward, we’ll have a bake sale to raise funds for math materials for a co-operative initiative between Orchard and Links Across Borders.

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Botany Portfolios

The children completed their botanical studies on variations, adaptations and reproductive cycles of herbaceous plants today. These in-depth watercolour studies of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds followed the natural cycles taking place outside through the spring. They are expressed as a comprehensive botany portfolio that supports the classroom work on biomes and plants as well as the Friday trips to High Park. The children are now ready to bind their portfolios for exhibit on June 7th. The school community is invited to come view presentations of work in animation, music, limon, French drama, novel study and anatomy from 4-5pm.


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Blooming Trees!

Good morning. The trees for which the school is named are bursting into bloom today. Please be gentle with them so we will have apples in the fall.

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West End Phoenix Hits the Porch This Saturday!

The children just got back from touring Weller Printing where they saw the press pull and first issues roll off the press of the West End Phoenix containing the page that they wrote, photographed and edited. It was a pretty proud moment for them. Congratulations to all the students who put forward material. We will publish all of it here over time. The Phoenix hits the porches this Saturday so let us know what you think!














































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What a Piece of Work

As the year winds down and the matrix of deadlines, year end presentations and events pile up, it is easy to feel kind of frantic as a teacher. Have you given them everything? Are they ready? What have we missed? It’s an eyes up, shoulder in, full tilt kind of feeling. This is the perfect opportunity to just stop, look around, breathe and find something to focus on that will fit in your hands. In this case…for our grade threes with their eyes on transitions to Upper Elementary, it is the math. And what better piece of math than the algebraic expression of the trinomial cube. It is a simple but beautifully resolved series that reaches back to the pink tower and brown stair children of two are shown in the casa then stretches outward into literally endless permutations. At the end of each, with perseverance, is a satisfying feeling of mastery.

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