Come out and try Orff at Orchard!

Trial Class and Information Session on Early Childhood Musicianship on Monday October 8th
A lot of parents ask about the music program at The Orchard. In addition to the work Rachel is doing in the casa and in the French Music Club on Thursdays, we have a special guest every Monday in our after school clubs that we would like to introduce you to. In addition to teaching both privately and in schools and performing in various ensembles, Monica from the Pearson School of Music offers Orff at The Orchard. We would like to give our students a chance to try this special club out free of charge next Monday. Afterward, I have invited Monica to stay to speak to us a bit about early childhood musicianship generally and specifically about the work she is doing at The Pearson School of Music in both Orff and Suzuki cello and piano.
For those of you who don’t know, Orff is a method of teaching young children the principals of rhythm, melody and musical narrative. It was devised by twentieth century German composer Carl Orff and combines movement, singing, use of instruments (drums, chimes and glockenspiels among others) with narratives the children help construct. Traditionally, teachers sit behind a piano and guide the children in their exercises but in this case, Monica brings her cello into the room and uses it as a beautiful, expressive tool for the children to literally sound off of. At the end of the class, she plays a cello interlude and the up-close effect of such a large and beautiful instrument is powerful. Orff is one after school program that is suitable for younger children aged 3 and up.
If you would like your child to stay on Monday, please let us know in advance as there are 12 spots in total however some are already filled with registered students. Whether or not your child attends the session, I really encourage all parents to join us at 5.15 for a discussion with Monica about the lifelong benefits of early exposure to music. Afterward, Monica will answer any questions you may have about Orff and classical music training in the early years.
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