Happy International Peace Day

The following is a pastiche of ideas from an essay Upper Elementary students were asked to write on the topic Why Is Peace So Difficult To Achieve?

Peace is difficult to achieve because we animals have been fighting since the beginning of time, for over 200 million years since the dinosaurs and the cave people after them. People always want more than they need. They want money and power so much that they end up killing each other and they forget about peace. This can be the biggest war to the smallest fight in a schoolyard. Maybe if we lived closer to nature or took longer journeys on foot, peace would spread more easily, like ink on a page. We need more than a world peace day. It takes a communal effort to exist in a state of peace but only one person to disrupt that. Each person should then try to think about being peaceful every day.

Maria Montessori said “In the mind of the child, we may find the key to progress” and they’ve certainly said it better than I could. Special thanks to Jennifer for leading our yoga meditation and to the casa children for ringing the chimes.

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