Knitting it All Together

A rainy day spent inside practicing knitting with Amandine.

Knitting Circle

Knitting is how the children and teachers spent recess indoors on a recent rainy Monday at Ma Maison. Each child is working on a different project: socks, scarves, a backpack for a doll with detachable wings, the usual stuff. We are beginning to realize how much the small group and home setting reflects a kind of family dynamic so Melody is planning to put that dynamic to work and focus a lot on practical life and community exploration this fall. The children will go out in small groups into the neighbourhood on various chores and adventures. On Monday morning, two children went out with Melody to pick up wool for their projects and along the way, they had a nice discussion about some of the neighbourhood shops such as the butcher, the greengrocer, the pharmacy and how these are all independent businesses operating in separate buildings rather than under one giant superstore roof. In this way, the children and their families, as citizens of their community, support the local businesses who supply them with the things they need. This exercise reminded me that I’d like to sign on to a CSA (community shared agriculture) farm share to supply the vegetables and fruit for the school so the kids can connect what is on their plates to the farms it comes from. For next week, we will order a Good Food Fruit Box from Jola’s Good Catch General Store and the kids can go pick it up and prepare their snack.

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