Model UN Position Papers

The children have submitted their position papers and are waiting now to see if they will be accepted. Our six delegates are sitting on the following committees: SPECPOL (Special Political), ECOFIN (Economic Finacial), and DISEC (Disarmament and International Security). They are preparing topics on decolonization, the risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, nuclear waste, climate change, peaceful uses for outer space and the protection of biological diversity. Their papers set them up for understanding their topic generally and prepare them for a specific “ask” for their country, Congo Brazzaville. From that position, they will seek alliances with other nations and hopefully operationalize UN assets to achieve these goals. With seven weeks to go before we leave for New York, we are conducting mock debates and studying the structure, customs and functioning of the UN. We are learning the language and protocols and reviewing the relevant charters, declarations and conventions. One of the biggest challenges is that the group will be split up into working groups. They are a small class who are used to working very closely together. They are worried that I can’t go in with them. They are both excited and intimidated by the idea of going to New York to sit in the General Assembly. They are nervous but they will be ready.

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