Music at Orchard

The Orchard’s music program is rich and diverse. Beginning with the bells in casa, the children are introduced to the idea of musical form early on. The bells are actually two sets of eight bells, tuned perfectly to an octave ascending from middle C. The first set is a control set, arranged in sequence on the shelf so the child may strike each tone of the octave. Next they are shown a second set of bells that are out of sequence and have to be graded by ear. Jennifer supports this work in the casa with a music conference twice a week that focuses on vocal exercises and solfege movements. It’s a beautiful way to end the day.

The elementary music program, under the direction of Nick Arseneau, is a dynamic mix of theory, voice training, instrumentation and composition. Lower elementary students study ukulele and Uppers are learning band instruments. Each Thursday, at the end of the afternoon lessons, there is a half hour choir with both groups together. Right now, they are preparing a version of Ahead by a Century by the Tragically Hip for a CBC contest as well as selections for the Winter Concert on December 13th. Everyone in the school will take part in this event so be sure to mark it on the calendar.

Nick also teaches private lessons after school in guitar and ukulele.

We are pleased to share the gym with Little Music. Lenni Jabour and Julie Fader teach the Suzuki early childhood method to the youngest members of our school community four days a week. This is a parent and caregiver class and registration for the winter session will begin soon. More information can be found on their website at:



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