The First Two Weeks at Ma Maison

14 September 2012

At Ma Maison, the co-op precursor to The Orchard Montessori School, a first year student selects his lunch from a plethora of helathy options. It’s the end of week two at Ma Maison, the co-op precursor to The Orchard Montessori School, and the children have all settled well into their new routines. We are still waiting on delivery of some materials but have been making due. The salad box began on Monday with an Eat Your Colours theme. We have purchased four tiffin stacks (stainless steel bowls that stack together). Each one contains a different food category: green veggies, orange and yellow veggies, red veggies and the last is proteins. The children make their selection of toppings much as they would choose work in the prepared environment and they stack their choices on a bed of either kale or mixed greens. They can add toppings (cranberries, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, cheese or nuts) and take a slice of homemade seed bread to go with it. Afterward, the children choose a piece of fruit and bring their dishes in to be washed and tidy their station. The idea is to encourage them to widen their vegetable choices, making it fun in the meantime. We had our first co-op meeting of the school year and parents reported sitings of new veggie choices at the dinner table as well. This was a bit of an experiment and we’re delighted it has worked out so well! For the time being the children are able to eat in the garden which adds a nice dimension to lunch time.


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