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Orchard With Love – OWL Packages

The Montessori Casa – “the Children’s House” – is a unique and beautiful place, custom-made for young children to explore and experience through their hands, fueling their absorbent minds and hearts. Maria Montessori always said if there could be only one area in the Casa, it must be Practical Life.

Practical Life exercises are distillations of the real activities of everyday life. While children are immersed in real life, seldom do these activities land in their own small, eager hands. The exercises of practical life establish, maintain, and embellish the environment. They are active expressions of awareness and care for people and for our community. They feed a child’s innate drive to become a caring, loving, honourable person of their time and place.

While the Children’s House cannot exist virtually, it can live in your house, your backyard, your neighbourhood. That is why, in this “hands-free” time and place, we created Orchard With Love Packages – OWL Packages – that we would like to share from our House to yours, with love.

OWL Packages contain a compilation of practical life exercises, pre-recorded sessions of Limon-inspired creative movement, yoga, music, and chapter book “conferences”. They have been designed for you to use in any combination that feels good in your day. The Practical Life exercises are not “one-shot activities”. They are, as in the Casa, meant to accumulate, grow, and extend. You and your child will receive two OWL Packages per month to build a repertoire of choices to be practiced repeatedly, happily, and with satisfying purpose. Your child will also have a chance to facetime conference with Melody each time they receive a package!

Our hope is that these exercises will be both an inspiration and a template for you and your child to create your own Practical Life exercises in your own family and community.

We hope you will join us,

Melody and Holly

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