Warm Woolens and a Tidy Home to Come Back To

Casa West…The “brrrrr” months have settled in like the snow has. The casa is humming with wooly industry…bobbins and needles are turning and clicking with festive visions of gifts, teddy bear scarves, doll blankets, cat mats, epic garlands, fuzzy necklaces and bracelets…even a belt or two. Lots of love is spinning around the casa and the yarn is too…as the casa table legs will attest.

Casa East…Sweeping, dusting and washing-oh my! More like “oh yes!” in Casa East! Our small community has thrown themselves with unbridled enthusiasm into care of the environment. Dusting for days, washing tables for weeks, and we don’t have enough brooms to satisfy the avid sweepers. In our class, children make messes for the joy of cleaning them up and making the space ready for the next person. From washing cups to folding cloths our class is joyfully seeing and feeling that what they do matters and ultimately that they matter.

Elementary…Our Elementary students are experiencing, exploring and enjoying many aspects of the natural world, both inside and outside their classroom. ¬†Whether it be making and sampling teas from the leaves of trees from the black oak savannah in High Park, uncovering and discovering the mysteries of the universe or building the biggest snowball ever…the elementary students faces and spirits are a-glow with the light of new discovery.

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