West End Phoenix Assignment

Update January 4th. This is a reminder. All students are invited (but not required) to submit a story next week for The West End Phoenix. Submissions are due January 9th at 9am. I am re-posting the assignment here.

Our assignment from the Editor is in! All Elementary students are invited to create a story submission of maximum 100 words for The West End Phoenix. We will be doing a pastiche piece that mirrors their regular feature Pet of the Month. The concept of a “pet” can be loosely adapted to fit. For example, they have profiled deceased hamsters, sports mascots, a feral Parkdale alleycat and Tickles the creepy crawlie as seen above. Children can also submit photos or illustrations if they wish. There is no brief beyond that. In fact the whole point is to write freely and no, you do not have to “own” this creature.

Space is limited obviously but everyone is invited to go through the process of preparing a submission for publication in the next issue of The West End Phoenix. We will be sure to publish all submissions here on the blog. Dave Bidini, Editor in Chief, has requested all material to be turned in the first week of school so I am setting a deadline of Wednesday, January 9th at 9am for all submissions to be handed in to our Deputy Editors who will spend the morning preparing it for delivery. So start up your typewriters and get after that story! Holly

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