Thank you for opening your kitchens and your wallets yesterday to raise money for Kpedze Todze Basic School, in Ghana.

We raised $592 dollars which we’ll convert to US dollars for Links Across Borders to take to Headmaster Amoako to share with his school community. For those of you who don’t know, the money we raised last year funded:

-a complete elementary Montessori math apparatus (which we shipped in May and Holly went over in July to train them on)

-new sewing machines

-school activity fees for 24 children who would otherwise have been prevented from sitting their final exams

This year, the faculty at the school will decide how to use the money that we’ve raised and we’ll find out about it later. Meanwhile, Links Across Borders will pick up our book donations, penpal letters and the cash at midday on Monday.

This morning in Elementary, I presented my slides and stories from my trip to Ghana last summer. Then we cracked open letters the students sent back with me. Orchard children wrote return letters about their school life and interests outside of school. Some wanted to include small tokens in their letters, which is possible, but only if they arrive early Monday morning to get them into the envelopes before they are picked up.

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