Call to Attention

photo-7Many people who have toured the school and done observations in the casa recently have remarked upon the sense of calm and order in the environment and on the engagement of the children, particularly the very young. Adults coming into a Montessori environment for the first time are often astonished by what the youngest members of our community are “capable of”. They dress themselves, put things in order and look after their own toileting needs with minimal or no support required. They are also beginning to embark on their journey of socialization and in a Montessori environment, grace and courtesy as well as peacefulness and natural outcomes are stressed. Finally, they are laying in the foundations for understanding the world around them and Montessori casas are purpose-built to construct knowledge in a multi-sensory way and as concretely as possible. Underlying all these principals is the notion of “readiness” and this will happen for each child in their own way without observance of externalized schedules or rote routines such as you might find in mainstream environments. The results of the approach speak for themselves through the children.

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