Art Camp

photoOur first week focused on colour theory. We compared the geometric works of Mondrian in their strict divisions of colour and then looked at Delauney’s rainbow circles as we began to blend colours. We made huge sock wands to explore the spectrum found in real bubbles and made a coloured water xylophone as we watched the colours blend together and attributed different sounds to them. We had a colour tablet presentation from the classroom and each child worked on a colour wheel.

On our second week, the focus switched out of doors. We collected objects from nature and brought them inside to paint and draw them. We were treated to a garden tour by Sam (the chef for West End and The Orchard). The children observed the colours, textures and shapes in nature and spent quite a bit of time sketching.

Our third week was centred around collage. We studied various collage artists including Rauschenberg, Picasso and Schwitters. We looked at modern applications for collage such as illustration and street art. The week’s project involved collecting objects such as scraps of fabric, papers and leaves to complete a canvass college guided by Amandine Rufin, our collage artist instructor visiting from London.

We hope the children carry their artistic inspiration forward with them into the new school year.

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