End of Year Celebrations and the First Graduating Class

No nerves here

No nerves here

On June 26th, we had a beautiful End of Year Celebration and Graduation. The children and their parents gathered in the casa at which point our five graduates, who I am pleased to say are all continuing their Montessori journeys next year, filed down the hall with lanterns lit singing Light a Candle for Peace to powerful effect. This song was originally sung in Montessori Schools around the world for twenty four hours to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace in 2010. The lyrics are posted below if you are interested. Our graduates walked their processional route, led by Melody and accompanied by Monica from the Pearson School of Music on cello, down the hallway and through the casa in this school for which they were the inspiration and foundation. After a few teary speeches and diplomas were handed out, all the children led their parents to the workshop room for our end of year Box Social. Each child had decorated a basket with ribbons and a pictogram describing themselves then filled it with muffins to share with their families. The challenge was for the parent to pick out their child’s basket which they did with a little help from their kids. Afterward, we all enjoyed a picnic under the trees in the orchard for which the school is named. It was a lovely day and we will be posting more photos soon.

Light a candle for peace

Light a candle for love

Light a candle that shines

All the way around the world

Light a candle for me

Light a candle for you

That our wish for world peace

Will one day come true (repeat twice)

Sing Peace Around the World  (repeat 4 times)

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