For the birds…part one

photo[1]At the end of June, our school will be getting a new roof. The children have watched this project with some interest and have come up with many very creative ideas for the roof of the future that incorporate concepts such as kitchen gardens, meditation spots, water conservation centres, composting, and heat sinks. We talked about building a replica of the school with a re-visioned roof but in keeping with the environmental ethos, we decided to build something that “someone” could use. The “someone” will be birds and the children conceptualized a birdhouse with a green roof. We finished the roof  and frame construction in science class today and hope to have it painted and planted next week. My favourite feature by far is the copper pluming pipe that funnels water draining through the roof system into a bird bath in a tiny china cup. Here is a look at stage one. The young man with the hammer turned five today.


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