High Park Nature Centre

Our biweekly trips to the High Park Nature Centre are an extension of the botany and zoology work in the elementary classroom. We love going there and devote a significant amount of our class bank to this opportunity. This term our leader, Julie, devised a curriculum that mirrored ours very nearly in the classroom. It was almost uncanny how, without us telling her what we were working on, the number of times her presentations lined up with ours. For instance, we have spent the last two weeks in class dissecting flowers and painting large botanical diagrams (which will be on display at the June 5th Art Happening) and she had prepared a review of the parts of the flower. Then we headed into the park to apply our knowledge to the practical setting and got a preview on some upcoming presentations on types of inflorescence and pollinator behaviour towards different species of flowers. Yesterday was our last trip of the year so the children got to feed and say goodbye to Diablo the Bearded Dragon for the summer. We are grateful to the High Park Nature Centre for their efforts in nature education.

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