Warp Reelings

photo[1]photoFriday we took the streetcar to the textile museum where we were treated to a tour of the Guatemalan exhibition currently on. It is really fantastic-well worth seeing and our guide did a great job of making the information meaningful to the children. Afterward, we went into the textile workshop and got to try out the big loom and see different fibres that can be woven into cloth. Of course, we had the earlier experience of turning a sheep fleece into wool yarn earlier in the week but they also got to handle other fibres like flax and silk. They were fascinated with the story of silk production. At the end, they each got to make a warp reeling which is how weaving patterns are tested out before the looms are set up. Each loom set up takes several hours so you want to be sure you are happy with your design before you do it. In this case, they can be re-purposed as bookmarks and many of the children look forward to returning during the Wednesday 1-4 drop in hours.

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