Week Four: Our Interplanetary Adventure

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This week, following our friends Jack and Annie in Midnight on the Moon, we blasted off into outer space where we examined the planets, the earth’s moon and constellations. We made a solar system necklace using different beads to represent the different planets. We used fruit and vegetables to gain an appreciation for the scale of the planets. We measured the relative difference in the orbits of the planets. We did watercolour paintings of our favourite planets. We studied the phases of the moon by carving them out of the icing of an oreo cookie. We studied the different constellations visible in the summer sky and punched our favourites out of cards. We also had time for some silliness, a very contagious bout of pom pom making and epic built constructions of the Titanic using the large wooden blocks, all of which had absolutely nothing to do with space. Our big trip this week was to University of Toronto’s Astronomy Department. Our professor guide let us hold rocks that were 2 billion years old then took us on a tour of the universe in the planetarium. Afterward, we went to see the huge refractor and reflector telescopes and got to watch her open the big dome in the roof they use for viewing. Lastly, we went up to the roof for a sun viewing through a solar projection telescope. I think we might just have one or two future astronomers in our group.

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